Wings Golondrina

Wings Golondrina

Tipo: Vino Tinto
Bodega: Bodegas Ignacio Marin
Uvas: Coupage de variedades de varias añadas: Garnacha 2014, Cariñena 2013 y Garnacha 2015.
Vol. de Alcohol: 14%
Província: Zaragoza
País: España





Multi Vintage. We keep the best of previous years; 2013 Garnacha and 2014 Carignan, and we complement with 2015 Grenache.


Like the swallows in the spring, the previous vintages return from their time in the barrel to fraternize with the current young vintage.


Each variety comes from vines over 60 years old with production control less than 2 kg per vine. Elegant in the palate, lively and cheerful, with aromas of balsamic series, spicy and fruity. An irresistible gift for our senses.


Rounded, lively and loving like the elegant flight of the swallows. This wine transmits joy and positivity.